Welcome to the NSF IUCRC Planning Grantee Bootcamp Spring 2024!

As an IUCRC, the primary requirement of the solicitation is to acquire paying members. To submit a Phase 1 proposal, you need to get enough letters of intent from industry partners.

The purpose of the Bootcamp is to help you better understand who your potential IAB members are, what problems your proposed center will solve for them, and to get them to sign a letter of intent.

Participation in the bootcamp is required.

At least two people from your site should be at every session. The people you recruit to participate need to be comfortable doing outreach and interested in learning about the challenges that industry partners face.

In addition to the time in class or attending office hours, each site is expected to conduct 30 member discovery interviews throughout the 8-week program.

This program is presented with support from the National Science Foundation under award number 1732084.