Welcome to Access

ACCESS is an on-demand program specifically designed for STEM student entrepreneurs who are solving some of the world’s toughest problems with technology and are constantly on the go.  

We have developed a program that allows you to learn the fundamentals of building a STEM startup at your own pace and connect with fellow student entrepreneurs from around the nation while gaining on-demand coaching from the VentureWell team. As you balance the demands of collegiate studies and life, we urge you to create time to invest in your future. 

Through our variety of modules, you’ll explore entrepreneurship topics such as competitive analysis, market validation, and customer discovery. 

Schedule time to meet with our VentureWell staff to answer questions or offer guidance as you progress through the course. 

Join a thriving community-wide group chat with like-minded student entrepreneurs to connect with and gain peer-to-peer feedback on your product.

Completing Access will bring you one step closer to your journey toward entrepreneurship.